See what I did there? It’s a play on words! I could have also gone with ‘E-rotica’, ‘coz it was on Kindle! The possibilities are endless! Well, actually those are pretty much the only viable possibilities.

Anyway… I read, last night, an erotica short for the first time – it was part of a review group thingy I’m in…honest. And it was quite…tame.

From what I read of other reviews, it is pretty much standard; so it’s not that I just went with a particularly weak one, I don’t think. Yes, there were a few naughty words that wouldn’t make it into a normal book, no matter who it was aimed at, and life generally isn’t that fair on us! Otherwise, it was a pretty straightforward tale of a woman giving a man a lift, and for no apparent reason taking him to a motel for a night of pretty average sex. Granted, the character didn’t think it was average, but I was there, too, and I feel sorry for her that she thinks so.

Of course, what surprised me most was that there was actually a story to it. In fact, the story took up more of the 25 or so pages than the sex. And it wasn’t too bad. There wasn’t much to it, but it was believable and actually made me hope for a happy ending (pun partially intended). And it was pretty well written, minus a couple of small errors and a slight discrepancy.

Is this what erotica is? Some naughty words, some (or a lot of) nakedness, and ‘ooh, I don’t know why I’m doing this; I’d never normally do something like this!’?

I’m not saying I’m disappointed, because I’m not interested in the genre. I’m just surprised. Via Facebook, I’ve met and, uh, ‘talked’ (online! I’m not a hussy, thank you!) with at least a couple of dozen women. And with the majority of them, we’ve come up with much more imaginative scenarios and…err…methods? It just surprises me that an actual erotic story is so normal.

Or perhaps that’s the point. Perhaps it’s more enjoyable to people if they can believe that it might happen to them? I don’t know. Perhaps I should try writing one! Under a different name…

Who out there reads erotica, and why? Is the more imaginative better? Or the more normal and believable?

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