I thought the z might make the clever word play better. I don’t think it worked.

To update the previous post: The surgery on the dog’s paw was going to be €600 (I don’t like to think what it would have been had it been a remotely tricky or in-depth operation). We took her back to the vet and told them to do an x-ray. They couldn’t do the x-ray the first time, because the machine was playing up, but the vet was very confident it was two fractures (I think I was wrong when I said metac…whatever I said).

It was very lucky we did, because it turns out, there’s no fracture at all – certainly not plural. There’s apparently a vague line which could be a nearly healed sprain (which she didn’t actually show us on the x-ray, and I couldn’t see), and she may have pulled a tendon, which apparently feels a lot like a fracture…or something.

So the dog is now not limping, and we didn’t have to borrow and waste €600.

Because she gets so over excited around other dogs, the vet said they’d make sure no other dogs were put in the kennels with her while she was in for her x-ray. When we went to pick her up, however, we were told she had been very good with her neighbour. When we went in to the kennels, in the cage beside her was a little calf, no bigger than the dog. It was cute. It was also on a drip, and under one of those incubation bulbs.

So all is well with the world. Or at least the dog-in-my-kitchen world. And now someone wants to set me up with the vet.


Get it? It’s a play! A play on words! Sawb…oh never mind, it’s not very good.

[angry-rant] My dog has a suspected metacarpal fracture, and needs surgery. She needs surgery because it’s two little toe things that are fractured, rather than just the one, and so if it’s put in a cast and left to heal, the wrong bones might fuse to the wrong bones. We have no idea how she did it, which means we don’t know how long it’s been fractured, as it might only now be getting sore for her after who knows how long.

The vet doesn’t have the expertise or facilities to do it herself, so she rang up the place that does it. They said no. She was surprised. She left it that we had their number and we would try to arrange an appointment ourselves. So we rang this morning. They have a slot on Friday and could take her then.

Could. But won’t.

Any why won’t they take her? Just in case one of their own clients needs the slot!

What a pitiful excuse for a vet. Of course, that’s not the entire reason. The other part of it is that – despite the fact that our vet said we could afford to leave the surgery for a month maximum, but if it was her dog, she’d make sure it was done within two weeks – the woman said that it needed to be done sooner than Friday.

So the logic, then, is that she could be taken on Friday, but it should be done earlier, so she won’t book her in, thus leaving the dog with no surgery at all. Genius. That makes perfect sense, right?

What an absolute disgusting disgrace of a vet.[/angry-rant]

In other news, I’m going to build a shed.