Updates and Peanuts

Disclaimer: There are no peanuts involved in this post.

I can’t think of much to write about, so I’ll just update y’all – to be momentarily American – on stuff and whatnot.

First off, I am in Underground Book Review’s Self-Published Author Awards, and I joined late, so I have quite a way to catch up. Any votes would be very helpful! It is, of course, ‘Shadow of the Wraith’. Thank you 🙂

Secondly, my second novel in the NEXUS series, Temple of the Sixth, is currently with my editor! After I get it back and have implemented the changes, it will be a matter of waiting for the cover, and then it will be ready to publish. So, unless there are unforseen holdups, you can expect it before Christmas!

Thirdly, what I was going to say next has slipped my mind because I went to blow my nose. Instead, I will share some brief thoughts on films, for no reason at all:

  • Skyfall – Very good. Amusing, good villain (with a very good and funny introduction to him). Some good nods to the old films, some good ignoring of the utter garbage that was QoS. The villain was more funny than scary, but the film was more about Bond and Bond/M, so that was ok. What wasn’t quite so ok, for me, was that there were a couple of things that just don’t work timeline-wise. I can’t say anything about them without giving spoilers, so I won’t. Overall, one of the best Bond films – much better than Quantum of What The Hell is This Crap, but not quite as good as Casino Royale.
  • Men in Black 3 – Got off to a very shaky start, with horrendous CGI, terrible acting, and several cringe-worthy, cheesy, childish moments. Around about the time jump, though, it got much, much better. Some very funny moments, and Brolin did a very good job indeed as a young Tommy Lee Jones. Good ending, too. Better than 2 by far, not quite as good as the original.
  • Legion – As awful as I expected it to be. Yet somehow Paul Bettany managed to be quite good in it. Why won’t someone offer him a good role?
  • Snow White and the Huntsman (I think that’s the right name, anyway) – Guess what? Whatsherface can actually act! I’ve never seen Twilight, and I don’t intend to, but the main issue with her seems to be that she’s as wooden as a…piece of wood. But, it turns out she can act. She’s nothing special, and there were still times where she could have done with some semblance of emotion on her face, but overall I thought she was fine. The film itself was very good, too. Bigger and more expansive than I expected.
  • Looper – Pretty good. I don’t really like films where the ‘hero’ is an unlikeable ponce, as he was to a degree. However, it was good enough. Some good little twists, though the end didn’t make a lot of sense to me. One minute, he doesn’t care about anything but himself, and then the next… Well, it just seemed like a bit of a leap to me. But still, good.
  • Total Recall – It seemed to me more as though someone wrote this film, and then suddenly realised, ‘This is Total Recall!’, and rather than scrap it, just said it’s a remake. I’ve heard it’s more along the lines of the book than the original, which would explain the huge difference. I tend to watch remakes as though I’ve never seen the original, and doing so, I quite enjoyed it. I’m not too sure why, in the United Federation of Britain and the colony of Australia, Farrel plays an American. I don’t see the problem with letting him just be Irish. Perhaps it’s in the book that he’s American, or perhaps they thought Americans would enjoy it more if it was the usual evil British, hero Americans. Even Bill Nighy, who can’t even do an American accent, played an American. Anyway, again, nothing special, but enjoyable. Kate Beckinsale is in it, so that’s good enough.

Peanuts. I lied