I tried another one. Technically this is the third one, but I gave up the second as a lost cause learning opportunity.

Instead, I tried a photomanipulation more on topic, about reading and imagination. And I shoved my characters in it. This was also a simpler one, with only four images, other than my character/ship concept art (mostly from Arianne), and a couple of custom brushes.

Here, again because I don’t know what else to do with, is a photomanipulation I’ve cleverly named ‘Reading’, and even more cleverly thought of as ‘learning’ so I don’t have to address all the issues with it:

Perhaps next time, I’ll…write a book.

What Waits Below

I was thinking about one of The X-Files films the other day for no reason. The film starts with a child falling through the ground into a cave system, getting alien’d up, and then the Smoking Man and his people cover it all up with grass and a children’s play area. Being a writer with books to get on with, I obviously decided to make a photomanipulation along the same lines.

Now…here it is, because I don’t know what else to do with it.

I’ve never done one of these before, because I’ve only really worked with 3D except do very mildly edit my book covers, and took some additional inspiration and tips from Nemanja Sekulic. I can see plenty that should be improved and corrected, but I’ve done enough that my brain will let me go back to writing now.