My Name Is Ross And I’m A .com

Just a brief post to say what you almost certainly already know: I have made the leap from to .com! So, while was a nice, snappy name, I decided to go with Of course, as a web designer, I should probably have made a proper website (no offence, WordPress), and perhaps I’ll do so at some point. But for now, I quite like this.

Also, I’ll be doing a blog tour starting on 1st June. I’ll come back with more information once I’ve confirmed every blog. It’ll only be seven this time – one per day, friday to friday – as I’ve never done it before and I want to see how it goes and what happens and whatnot. I have two more to find, and then I’ll be back! That’s a promise, not a threat. Except it isn’t a promise, because I don’t make promises.