Apparently, I’m a liar.

Amazon have messed up again (after screwing up my book’s publishing, then its look inside feature, then its $ price). It is currently NOT free on Amazon.com – certainly not if you’re American, Canadian or Irish. I have two free downloads from the .com site, though, so I suspect it must be free in other countries that use that one.

It IS free on the other sites though.

This is very not good. Forget about how it’s not good for Amazon to be so damned inept with what is very important to those of us afffected. It’s not good for me! I went around all over the place advertising it as free on all Amazon sites – I nearly even paid for it to be advertised. Now I’ve been made out a liar.

Now, most readers will, of course, understand that it’s not my fault. But what about the ones on the forum in which I’m not allowed to update my thread for another 7 days? How can I let them know that there’s a problem, and I wasn’t lying to them to get them on my book’s page? I can’t.

This is the first free promotion I have done. It was meant to help my rank, get the book on ‘customers also bought’ lists and of course get some readers. It IS working fine on the .co.uk site, thankfully.

This rocky start just keeps getting rockier.

Of course, you can still buy your copy from Amazon.com, for a very reasonable price (it IS nearly 130,000 words, after all), and help support a new author 🙂


It is finally sorted, and is now free on Amazon.com.

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