Kindling [insert witty second word]

I was going to rant about Firefly and why the hell those inept morons at Fox got away with airing it out of order and then cancelling it…but then I saw another post on the subject and decided to leave it.

Instead, I’ll announce that I am now the owner of a Kindle 3G!

I didn’t have one until yesterday, when I bought one, and now I have one. And that’s not the end of the anecdote! I very nearly bought a little Archos tablet instead, since it was cheaper and had android so I could read epubs as well as Kindle, but when I gave it a try, it was ridiculously slow. So I didn’t get it. THAT’S the end of the anecdote.

I got it mainly so that I could test my books out on it before publishing, to ensure that they display correctly. However, I find that I have 2 pages worth of books on there already, and I’m halfway through one of them. I like my new Kindle.

I would rather have an actual book in my hands, but for books that I’m not sure about, or am not hugely interested in but still want to read, it is useful to have the Kindle to store them on and keep my actual bookshelf free for Terry Pratchett.

I like the way, when you put it into sleep mode, it comes up with a new picture every time. I like the way that when I looked at it in the shop, the picture was there, but the battery was so low, that the thing wouldn’t turn on. That’s how little battery power it uses! Dead battery, and it’s still on! I don’t know how the screen works, but it works well – it really does look like the words are just printed right onto it.

I still want a tablet, but I think my Kindle will be sticking around even then.

Bring back Firefly!

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