Long Time No Somethingorother…

I’ve been moving stuff for nearly two weeks, and not doing much else, so I’ve had very little to blog about. Not that I blog much anyway. But I thought I should update a bit.

At the weekend, I took up another shipment of books to Waterstones. The manager had me sign them all. That’s the first time I’ve ever used my little squiggly combination of the R and H! Although it was quite small… I’ll get used to it. We’re also trying to organise getting the books into more Waterstones branches. Which will be good.

The small amount of writing I have done has been all over the place. I was reading through what I already have of my third NEXUS novel when I got the urge to start…a noir. I’m not sure where that came from. Well, I think the urge started when I was playing Max Payne 3, ages ago. But now I have five chapters and 12,000 words of it done. At the moment, it is set in the same universe as the NEXUS novels, but not a part of that series. I don’t know at the moment whether to keep it like that, or bring it back to more modern times. We’ll see.

So, I will finally get back to writing more of the (semi-)noir today, and I’ll continue to go through the third NEXUS novel, and the short story I was writing ages ago. Maybe I’ll finish one of them at some point.

Also, I despise Skype. It’s garbage. Microsoft deserves a slap in the face with a very heavy glove for forcing me to use it.

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