Sky Full of Stars

Getting reviews for books is even harder than actually selling books. A fraction of the people who read a book will review it, so when I got out of the shower the other week to a surprise email telling me I’d won a bundle of five reviews from Readers’ Favorite for my contributions to their forum, I carefully avoided mentioning that I’ve only posted there twice.

I chose to have Church of the Assassin reviewed, because it probably has the widest potential appeal of all my books, is probably my favourite, and has very little attention.

The result is five 5-star reviews with some nice, quotable lines! Unfortunately, they can’t be posted on most sites like Amazon or Goodreads, because Readers’ Favorite is a professional company, not a customer; however, they’re still nice to get. Here’s a snippet of the book’s six 5-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite:

Christian Sia – “Ross Harrison plots like a genius, filling the story with twists that readers won’t see coming. The conflict is well-written, and I liked how the author explores the shadowy sect to which the heroine belongs, allowing its effects on her to shine through the story. Church of the Assassin is fast-paced, a real thrill ride and a brilliantly executed page-turner.”

Alex Ndirangu – “I found Church of the Assassin to be spellbinding. Things get even more exciting when fate adds to Alex’s responsibilities. She inherited a baby girl and will run like the wind to keep her out of harm’s way, but first, she will shoot, and she never misses.”

Vincent Dublado – “It is a surprisingly moving sci-fi action novel with a compelling emotional arc.”

K.C. Finn – “Ross Harrison knows how to keep sci-fi fans on the edge of their seats with this fast-paced, cinematically drawn novel that never lets up on the action. […] The worldbuilding is off the scale for its depth, even down to the parlance and cultural attitudes of the characters, which gives Church of the Assassin an immersive quality throughout. This is a highly recommended and accomplished novel that grips readers hard and never lets go.”

Sheena Monnin – “Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison is masterfully written. The reader will be neck-deep in the quagmire of lies, deceit, action, and murder from the very beginning of the story. […] This is a hair-raising adventure book that is impossible to put down, containing great characters, an excellent plot, and thought-provoking themes throughout.”

Alma Boucher – “Church of the Assassin is jam-packed with action, fast-paced, and never has a dull moment. The storyline is complicated and intriguing. […] Church of the Assassin was worth every minute I spent reading it.”

Starting on December 15, Church of the Assassin will be on sale for 50% off during the Smashwords Winter Sale, and I’m currently writing a direct sequel to it, so now is a good time to read!

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