About Ross Harrison


Ross Harrison is the author of novels and short stories in the realms of science fiction – specifically space opera and science fantasy – thriller, noir, and post-apocalyptic steampunk. He has been writing since childhood, and occasionally likes to revisit those old stories for a good cringe and nervous laugh. He also writes about himself in the 3rd person because it seems more professional.

Ross lives on the UK/Eire border in Ireland, where he moved from England in 2001, hoping the rain will help his hair grow back.

Welcome to my website. Here, I will ramble and rant about games, TV shows, and films. Also superheroes. Sometimes I even touch upon writing-related topics and remember to keep you up to date with my writing!

You can also follow me and the series for updates, more condensed ramblings, and various other stuff, in these places:

I mostly (so far, entirely) write science fiction. Science-fantasy space opera specifically, although I have also written two steampunk short stories and a noir thriller. Of course I’m also constantly resisting the urge to start something new! After all, one of the hardest things about being a writer is not submitting to the allure of the scene of a shiny new book (or screenplay) that just popped into your head.

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