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Lest they be lost in the ether, I am adding here some interviews I have so far done with book blogs. You’ll find more information about the future of the NEXUS series and its characters, about me and my writing, and probably several mentions of Kate Beckinsale.

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When I remember to do so, I will post links to some of my favourite reviews. And, since they, too, are otherwise lost to the ether, below are some quotes about my first book, Shadow of the Wraith. Of course, the best place to find reviews are on my Goodreads page.

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Shadow of the Wraith – Zigzag Timeline

Shadow of the Wraith – Tea & Text

Kira – Zigzag Timeline

Kira Part II – Zigzag Timeline

This is what the lovely script supervisor of Alien, Mission: Impossible and Legend – to name a few – Kay Fenton, had to say about the book:

…you have a Star Wars for real, with an endearing hero in Travis – a self-deprecating Indiana as the Blade Runner, but on another world within a sea of inhabited moons. All this with a premise giving us a Wraith of a ship that would flummox an Einstein – but as with all great mechanics, rather, perhaps, than scientists, all such things can be solved, the answer usually being the simplest one. I am hoping this is the case…

As others have said, you’ve presented a science-fiction story that’s highly readable for all. It’s so colourful in places, brilliantly so […] beautiful writing.

John Breeden, Washington DC journalist, said:

Shadow of The Wraith is a really good example of science fantasy. Primarily author […] is concerned with telling a great story, which just happens to be set in space in the future, and on this he is successful. […] Shadow of The Wraith is a perfect sci-fi read for those who want a great story without getting bogged down in the technical details of most stories of this type. In that, I think this novel will achieve critical acclaim and reader appreciation

Sarah, a poet who doesn’t like sci fi, said:

I can’t believe I read… Sci-fi… the whole thing… and I want to read it again? I don’t know what Star Wars or Star Trek is like because I never cared for either one but I really just want to read more about Travis and his posse! This was simply entertaining for anyone, even sci-fi haters…. that want to read something good!

Now the question is, when can I buy this?

Excerpts from Bookishly Devoted blog’s review:

I honestly fell in love with Travis from the very beginning of the book (and to the despair of everyone who had to listen to me go on and on..some people even thinking he was a real person…). I felt that he was well developed (as were all the characters). Who am I kidding, I loved him because he was a bad ass space cowboy!!

I feel like the last thing I should say is this….READ IT! This book is absolutly amazing. Okay enough of the fangirl. Just, please, do yourself a favor and pick up this book; you won’t regret it!

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