Wyrd Worlds

Wyrd Worlds is a science fiction and fantasy anthology. A collection of short stories, of varying shortness, from twelve authors.

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Wyrd Worlds

Wyrd Worlds cover

An anthology of short stories by an international collection of science-fiction and fantasy writers, covering a wide range of what is known as speculative fiction, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain.

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The authors and their contributions are as follows:

1. TALES OF ERANA: THE BLUE PHIAL by Alexandra Butcher

– A short story from the world of The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles.

2. THE QRIM CHIEFTAIN by Stan Morris

– When a haughty princess scorns a barbarian chieftain, her city pays the price.

3. ANTIMATTER ME by Steph Bennion

– The experiment had not been a success and now time was running out. Or was it running in?


– Drinkers sometimes see all kinds of things. But even I wasn’t expecting to see a four-eyed Martian in my lounge…

5. THE IMAGINARY INVASION by Ubiquitous Bubba

– When our reality is invaded by extra-dimensional beings, imaginary characters may be humanity’s only hope.


– A professor of history, a mysterious scientific institute and an impossible painting in a story of time travel.

7. CAUSALITY by Neil Shooter

– A dream of desolation and death. How can this end be a beginning? And how can a dream seem so real?

8. NECROMANCER by Emma Faragher

– Mal is a necromancer. Now her greatest debt is being called in, and her skills are needed. On a murder investigation, no less.

9. KIRA by Ross Harrison

– Kira’s town has so far survived the destruction wrought by the Government on so many others. But for how much longer?

10. IN THE LAP OF THE GODS by Steph Bennion (a Worlds of Hollow Moon short story)

– There are those who would stop at nothing to keep certain inventions from becoming a reality.

11. MONDAY IMPS by Alexandra Butcher

– Have you ever wondered about Mondays? Why is it everything seems to go wrong? There is a simple answer…


– A new war is being fought on the rooftops and alleyways by men in mech suits.

13. MESRIN STATION by L.L. Watkin

– Jan was never an upstanding citizen, but he was never stupid either; and now they are all in more trouble than they thought…

14. HALF-BLOOD by Barbara G.Tarn

– Giordano discovers he’s a half-blood. His search for his real father will take him farther than he thought.

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