I decided ages ago that I was going to bring out a paperback version of Shadow of the Wraith, but I decided I’d wait and bring it out at the same time as book two. Then, a month ago I decided I might as well just do it straight away. So I went to Createspace, where it would be put up for sale on Amazon, without the price going through the roof.

After I’d put it all together (it had to be done quite differently to the way I did the hardback on Lulu), I had to order my proof copy. I was somewhat dismayed that, unlike Lulu, I had to pay full price for my proof copy, plus a stuipid amount for postage. Then I’d have to wait nearly a month for it.

So I ordered the proof and waited. It was meant to arrive on 3rd September. Come 10th, I emailed them to say it hadn’t arrived, and ask what they would do about it. They emailed back to tell me if it hadn’t arrived by 3rd October, to email again.


While I was fuming and trying to decide if I’d bother with them even when it did come, it arrived. A week late, but still, it’s here. It is very good quality, and so I decided I’d ignore the horrendous customer service and still publish it with them.

So, in short, the paperback is now available on the Createspace store, and will be up on Amazon very soon!

UPDATE! The paper back is now also available on Amazon.

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