Kira is the 23-year-old title character who takes us through twenty four hours of her life in my new steampunk short story. She lost her home and her family fifteen years ago to a brutal organisation known as the Government, and now etches out a meagre existence in another small town of Wastelanders in the middle of a barren desert.

But the Government’s city of New Haven is expanding, swallowing up or destroying the outlying Wastelander towns. Kira and her people must act soon in order to stay alive, but every option seems like suicide.

Steampunk girl

A steampunk photo-manipulation from deviantArt. Almost exactly how I imagined Kira to look.

I have completed the final edit of Kira, and will be publishing soon. How soon depends on the artist doing the cover, but hopefully on the 1st October. It is a 13,000 (and a bit) short story and will be available in e-book format only on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Sony, Apple, etc.

I know I said it would be part of an anthology, but it turns out I was a little hasty in saying that, and I will be publishing it myself.

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