Out of the Dark – BBB

Out of the Dark

Compiled and Edited by

Hazel Butler

Lost in Thought, by Debra Mason. Copyrighted - do not copy

Lost in Thought by Debra Mason. Copyrighted – do not copy

The Book:

Containing over two hundred images, and contributions from thirty-two artists from around the world, Out of the Dark is a veritable cornucopia of Gothic delight. Fifteen chapters, each packed with vibrant images, and pithy descriptions, showcase some of Gothic Art’s favourite themes, from Death to Lovers, Hauntings to Winter, and Lolitas to Lost Boys.

Many images are accompanied by commentaries from the artists, detailing their inspirations and methods, and why certain pieces mean so much to them.

The central feature of the book is a sixteen page spread on favourite Alternative model, Maria Amanda Schaub, including a biography, a selection of her favourite art pieces, and why she loves them so much.

Scaretale, by Liliana Sanches. Copyrighted - do not copy

Scaretale by Liliana Sanches. Copyrighted – do not copy

Maria Amanda Schaub:

Maria Amanda Schaub is an alternative model from Denmark and a fan favourite in Gothic circles. She is known for her waifish frame, platinum hair, and heavy black makeup, as well as her sense of style. She enjoys Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Fantasy and Cosplay shoots above all else.

Ookami, by Tim Lord. Copyrighted - do not copy

Ookami, by Tim Lord. Copyrighted – do not copy





The publisher’s preference is to sell via email at the moment (until the web shop is working properly again). So please send an email to info@aadenianink.com to get your hands on a copy.

The Amazon links, if you’re a little lazy for that, are here for UK and here for US.


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