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Non-Compliance: The Transition


Paige Daniels

I used to matter… But now I’m just a girl in a ghetto, a statistic of the Non-Compliance Sector.

Non-Compliance: The Sector, Paige Daniels’ popular début (that’s the fancy spelling) novel, is getting a sequel! Non-Compliance: The Transition releases on 30 September!

Non-Compliance - The Transition

Three months have passed since Shea Kelly and the rest of Boss’s crew eliminated Danny Rose from the non-compliance sector, but their troubles are far from over. A new, more dangerous opponent has emerged, causing those once considered enemies to strike a tenuous truce. Secrets about the vaccine, the chip, and the past threaten Shea’s budding romantic relationship and even the very existence of the crew.

The Transition

Book 2 takes the reader back to the Non-Compliant Sector and the characters we’ve come to love. Old enemies become allies, and their troubles never seem to be far away. If you enjoyed Paige Daniels’ début novel Non-Compliance: The Sector, then you’ll love this. Released 30th September 2013, in paperback and ebook and available where all good books are sold.

To do my part to promote this sci-fi sequel, I did very little except sit and write a few questions. They, and Paige’s answer to them, are right hither. Or under hither, anyway.

When you’re not writing, you are pursuing the very girly interest of electrical engineering. How do the two connect? Does your ‘proper job’ help in any way with your writing?

Actually there is a fair amount of writing I have to do with my job. Granted it’s not the fun creative type of writing, but I still have to be very clear and concise in my thoughts so they convey the proper message. I think that comes through in my writing for the book, because many people have remarked that I have a very sparse writing style. I like to get to the point and not mess around with a lot of flowery explanations.

According to your Facebook page and blog, you like to listen to music while writing (mostly rock, it seems). But are there any scenes that you need quiet to write?

I do listen to a lot different genres, but it seems for this book I listen to a lot of rock. I think I do better with lots of commotion around me: kids talking, TV blaring, music. When my husband sees I have the earphones on he knows it’s a sign I’m in writing mode so usually he doesn’t bother me, that is unless “Sharknado” is on. Sometimes I need quiet to hash out difficult plot twists. When that’s the case I’ll run or take a shower and something usually comes to mind.

I’d guess Quinn may be your favourite character to write, because you get to picture Adam Baldwin. But who’s your next favourite, and why?

Yes, I love writing Quinn, because of the Adam Baldwin thing, but there is a lot of my husband in the character too. I’ve stolen more than one of his one-liners. I really like writing Shea, in particular the scenes where she’s being a smartass, which is nearly all of them. It’s kind of an outlet of things that I wish I could say to other people, but don’t really have the nerve to.

How do you write? Through divine inspiration/winging it, or through meticulous planning and outlining?

I’m an engineer and therefore an anal retentive planner, so I outline a lot. However, if while I’m writing I come up with a new plot twist or idea that wasn’t in the original outline that makes more sense or just sounds cooler I’ll run with it. This usually results in copious amounts or re-outlining.

Non-Compliance revolves around an invasive implant, and those people who refuse to have it. For me, this seems dangerously close to reality, but how were you inspired to write about it?

Actually back in college (you know before email and the internet and when we used 3.5 inch floppy disks), I read a story in a magazine where this guy said the Mark of the Beast would come in chip form. I thought it was an interesting idea. So on and off, for more years than I’ll admit, I thought about how that would pan out and how there could be another fringe society that refused to be chipped. As technology progressed with smart phones and such I started seeing how this has kind of already happened.

Tell us all the important things we need to know about your upcoming novel, Non-Compliance: The Transition.

In the second book, the readers will learn a lot more about Shea and her crew and their pasts. The vaccine will rear its ugly head and if you thought Danny was an evil bastard just wait until you meet some of the baddies. The readers will also get a glimpse of what life is like on the Compliant side and what would a novel be without just little bit of that romantic stuff?

Do you have anything else in the works?

I have some really awesome potholders I’m crocheting for Christmas gifts and I’m probably going to be making some cider jelly with the apple cider I pressed last weekend. Oh, wait, you mean writing. I’m working on Book 3, which should be the last book in the series. I’ve been tinkering around with a superhero type book, because I love comic books. But honestly, I’m a work-in-serial type of gal. It’s really hard for me to focus on multiple writing projects unless it’s short stories. The Non-Compliance series has kind of consumed me. I’ll actually be kind of sad when it’s done.

If you were to write in another genre, what would it be?

Good question, I’m not sure. I’ve thought about doing a fantasy story with a twist, but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with that. I like reading some fantasy, but I don’t know if I could write it, maybe historical fiction about a woman scientist. That’d be cool.

How did you get started in writing?

I wasn’t one of those people who always wrote. I remember thinking in middle school that I liked to write and for whatever reason I changed my mind. Then one day after I was finished with my Master’s Degree I thought, “Hey, there’s nothing on TV and I have an idea for a story, and I’m bored. What the hell.” So I wrote and wrote and wrote. Not very glamorous.

Now, to steal a little from your own blog, I’ll ask a handful of quick questions:

Mal or Jayne? (As though it weren’t obvious!)

Jayne all the way, baby!! Although Mal ain’t so bad either.

Star Wars/Trek or Firefly?


E-book or physical?

Ebook (I can read them in the car without puking)

Electrical engineer or freedom fighter?

Electrical Engineer, I’m a lover not a fighter

Yes or no?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!

About the Author

Tina Closser, AKA Paige Daniels

Tina Closser, AKA Paige Daniels

Tina Closser grew up in various towns around Northern Kentucky reading and watching as much science fiction and fantasy as humanly possible. When it was time for college it was clear that she watched one too many episodes of Star Trek, because she chose Physics as her major with the intent of being an Astrophysicist. After graduating from Northern Kentucky University with her Bachelors of Science in Physics, she knew that academia was not the path for her so she chose to get an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Armed with two science degrees she went to work for the Navy in Indiana.

Throughout high school and college she had millions of ideas for stories running through her head, but never had the courage to write any of them down. Thanks to the reality TV craze she turned off her television and worked up the courage to write down a story that had been worming its way into her brain for years. She wrote “Non-Compliance: The Sector” under the pen name of Paige Daniels over the course of several years. In November 2012 it was published by Kristell Ink. It is a fast paced science fiction, cyber punk tale with elements of humor and romance with a strong heroine. It explores different themes such as family, government control, and how one seemingly insignificant person can make a difference.

Despite being surrounded by a bunch of Hoosiers, she has lived happily in Indiana for the past fourteen years. She has had held several different engineering positions in the past, but currently she is a Science Technology Engineering and Math Coordinator in which she acts as a liaison to schools and gets kids excited about careers in science and technology.

She is also very active in her local chapter of Society of Women Engineers, doing many outreach programs to inspire girls to consider the field of engineering as a career. Part of the proceeds from her book, “Non Compliance: The Sector”, which features a woman engineer as the protagonist, will go to fund a partial scholarship for a young woman to go to engineering school.

In her spare time she coaches a robotics team and attends various robotics competitions. She also fiddles around with her viola and likes to pretend she knows how to be a farmer on her small hobby farm with her two kids and husband.


Paige’s Website




Trailer for NC: The Sector

Paige on Amazon

And just for the hell of it, here is a quick customer review of the first book:

I totally Devoured this book. Started reading this morning and could barely put it down. Now I’m suffering from ‘I can hardly wait for the next book in the series. Great work, very few typos or grammatical errors; a refreshing change for an avid e-book reader! Thank you so much for a definitely engaging read, hoping to read more about Shea, Quinn, Wynne and Boss! — Anonymous

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