My friends at Uproar Comics have today released the very first issue of their brand new sci-fi comic, Leap.

Happy Leap Day

Leap is ‘A space-faring neo-science fiction epic that explores the light of the human experience within the vast unending darkness of the universe’. It follows the story of the spacecraft Vanguard and its crew, as they chart the galaxy. Their mission is to map the stars so that humanity can some day follow, collecting new resources and if need be, find a new home.

This issue – Issue Zero – has the crew landing on their first planet, over eighty years after leaving Earth. What they find is aliens, adventure and the first sparks of truth.

I was lucky enough to read an advance copy under the crafty pretence of helping edit (evil laugh), and I enjoyed it. I don’t read comics and I’m not all that keen on them in general (I’ve read a grand total of four famous and popular graphic novels and rolled my eyes and shook my head all the way through all but one of them), but I found myself watching the page count as I neared the end of Leap, and hoping some kind of PDF magic would keep it going into the next issue. It did not. So, suffice to say I will be buying issue two and beyond.

The artwork is one of the biggest issues I have with comics and graphic novels. Usually I find it god-awful-looking, frankly. But no so with Leap. It’s full, vivid colour, painted over 3D models. It’s clear, unique and interesting to look at. And I’ve seen refinements to some of those 3D models, so future issues are going to look even better.

So, in short, buy it. Here. Now. Also watch the trailer and sample some pages.


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