Coming later this summer (release date to (probably) come with the cover reveal), book 6 of the NEXUS series is again a mostly standalone one, but finally sees the return of the Star Wraith and its crew. As such, knowing the events of books 1 and 2 will be beneficial but not necessary.

For now, I can say that the title, in keeping with the Something of the Something convention corner I’ve painted myself into, is…unnecessary dramatic pause despite the all-caps title already having given it away…Fear of the Dark.

That’s it. That’s the update.

Also, because procrastination is at least two thirds of writing, I made another ‘soundtrack’ for the book.

Also, keep an eye out this weekend for artwork of protagonists Archer and Juni! They were done by Arianne Elliott again, who did the covers of books 3-5, as is the upcoming cover. Here are some reminders, because I’ve run out of things to say.

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