NEXUS Series

NEXUS is a non-linear series in which every book has some kind of connection to the others. Although best read in order for more background and understanding, most of the books stand alone. The only exception so far is book 4, which is a direct sequel to book 3.


Shadow of the Wraith, Kindle coverShadow of the Wraith is the first book in the non-linear NEXUS series.

A ghost ship terrorises the galaxy. Can a team of inept soldiers exorcise the stars and bring an end to an even greater threat?


Temple of the Sixth CoverTemple of the Sixth is the second book in the NEXUS series. It takes place immediately after Shadow of the Wraith, but is not technically a direct sequel.

A race to rescue a kidnapped god and stop a fifty thousand year old evil dominating the galaxy… Too much for a failed private detective?


Blades of the Fallen CoverBlades of the Fallen is the third book in the NEXUS series. It also links to the first book, but takes place over 100 years before it.

The murder changes everything. The Vanguard is supposed to protect against such violence, not fall victim to it. But even the so-called ‘Fallen’ wouldn’t kill without reason. Would they?


Ghosts of the Fallen is the fourth book in the NEXUS series. This is the series’ first direct sequel (to Blades of the Fallen).

While a vengeful inquisitor hunts the murderous cult she thought she had destroyed long ago, the Vanguard finds itself haunted by the last of the Fallen. Darkness and danger arise in both horrifyingly familiar and entirely new guises.


Church of the Assassin is the fifth book in the NEXUS series. This the most standalone of all the books, but has ties specifically to books 1 and 2.

They came for her and the baby. They took their shot at an apex predator and missed. Now it’s her turn.

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