Kira Series

Kira is a series of post-apocalyptic, steampunk short stories. So far there are two entries:

Kira cover


Kira’s town has so far survived the destruction wrought by the Government on so many others. But for how much longer? In the middle of a blistering desert, her people are out of fuel, out of clean water, and out of options. The Government will destroy them sooner or later, and they won’t survive relocation. Their only chance is to attack first. But Kira knows that’s no chance at all.


Kira Part 2 Cover

Kira Part II – Horizon

Since their town sank into the desert, taking their people with it, Kira has acquired a new responsibility: protecting a teenage boy. Their only option is to head for the ruined city on the horizon and hope the many dangers of the desert don’t kill them before they reach it. But they soon find that the dangers outside the city do not compare to those within.

A wild, untrustworthy inhabitant may be their only chance of getting back out of the city alive. But only if Kira is willing to sacrifice just a little more of her humanity.

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